Yahoo! Launches Instagram Competitor – Flickr Apps for Smartphones

Yahoo! has, according to the AFP Newswire, via the Economic Times, jumped into the competition between Twitter and Facebook apps for photo editing and sharing. Facebook has Instagram, the most popular such program by far, and Twitter recently announced that it has hooked up with Aviary to provide on the fly photo editing and sending from within Tweets. Now, Yahoo!, Digital Trends says, has “gone all Instagram on us.”

Things got a little dicey between the folks at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in the last few months, which led to Instagram being yanked from Tweets (those who wish to continue to use Instagram for their tweets can simply visit the Instagram site, edit their pictures, save them to their computer, then pull them up when sending a tweet.)

Taking advantage of the uncertainty in the lucrative social networking market, Yahoo! has added some heft to its popular picture hosting site Flickr. They’ve created apps for all of the mobile phones out there and as a bonus have added automatic editing schemes similar to what users have grown accustomed to seeing with Instagram. Of course, users won’t be able to hook into the apps directly from Twitter, but they will have a third option when choosing where to host their pictures and which app to use to customize and share with.

The move by Yahoo! comes amid other news from the company – they’ve also created apps for iOS and Windows 8 devices for their email client and they’ve also updated their standard web version of Yahoo! mail, giving it a more modern look.

Users who download the new Flickr app will find they will be able to use filters which make automatic adjustments to their photographs. The app allows users to set it up so it loads automatically whenever a picture is taken with the cameras, helping to make the whole process smooth and seamless. Once pictures have been saved, they can be shared on any of the various social networking sites. Flickr has always had a sharing facility and those users who have already used the site will find it an easy transition to using it via the mobile app; in effect, bypassing other social media sites.

The AFP notes that Instagram has about 100 million users worldwide, indicating just how entrenched it’s become, thus Flickr, even with a push from Yahoo! still very clearly has a very long way to go if its ever going to catch up.