Although in the past cool gadgets were reserved mostly for men, they have also found their way in the lives of women. Women have replaced their cute pink phones with hi-tech smartphones and their white laptops covered in stickers with powerful devices.

Needless to say that when we talk about technological development, we have come a long way. Here’s how far.

  • The very smart smartphone

We can easily say about Samsung that it conquered Europe this year. From EISA it received five major awards and Samsung Galaxy S4 was, of course, on the list of award-winning products. Moreover, the mirrorless camera of the South Koreans was awarded for facilities and ease of use. With an incredible design and strong hardware components, Samsung Galaxy 4 comes with some features most of us never thought possible: a 13 MP camera, simultaneous HD video and image recording, high-tech sensors (accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer, temperature, humidity, gesture) and many more cool ones.

  • The convertible ultrabook

What if we had a laptop and a tablet in a single device? Well, producers such as Lenovo, Sony or Asus have made it all possible with some of the most spectacular convertible ultrabooks you have ever seen. They have completely redefined the concept of mobility and although they are a bit pricier that ordinary laptops, they are worth every penny. The thin design and incredible performance make this device a perfect combination between a laptop and a tablet (a bigger one, of course). Some even say that convertible ultrabooks really outshine the famous MacBook Air by offering incredible benefits such as: screen quality, light weight, sound quality, graphic performances, and a great price-quality ratio.

  • The intelligent glasses

The Google Glass glasses have been designed as a means by which people can distance themselves from technology, integrating it into daily life in a natural way, without buttons and accessories to keep your hands busy with. Project Glass refers to people’s relationship with technology, so that it becomes useful when we need it, but remaining perfectly transparent to the rest of the time. Google Glass glasses are meant to be an accessory that provides immediate access to technology, but in a way that we do not deviate from the activities we undertake. We can take videos and pictures with Google Glass glasses, participate in chats, search information on the Internet and get information that guide you in different cities. Together with the existing functions, Mirror API can be used to develop additional applications that will add new functions to the glasses.

  • The clever watch

We started with Samsung, so it makes sense to end with it as well. The Galaxy Gear watch has a 800MHz processor, 1.63 inch screen, 1.9 MP camera, 512 MB RAM, 4GB of storage space, two microphones, a speaker, Bluetooth v 4.0 + BLE and standard Li ion 315mAh. In the same trend ad Google Glass, this clever watch gives users the latest notifications on incoming messages, calls and e-mails, along with alerts, so users can preview the messages, and accept or reject calls discreetly.

Samsung aims to do the same thing as Google Glass: integrate technology into everyday life without the user even knowing it. For example, a user who goes out shopping and is carrying a lot of bags can make a call using Galaxy Gear, without touching the screen. Moreover, Galaxy Gear owners can write messages, mark events in the calendar, set alarms and check the weather, all via S Voice.