Learning how to catch rare Pokemon is one of the hardest parts of the game. Now thanks to this confirmed Incense trick from The Silph Road, there’s a new way to catch rare Pokemon. Some of the more rare Pokemon in the game have been caught using this new method, and there’s quite a few tutorials out on it already.

With all the news on the permanent bans being issued by Niantic, players are more reluctant than ever to try new tricks. Luckily this catch rare Pokemon trick doesn’t require you to use any GPS spoof or other third party application. All you need is an Incense, and using this guide you can catch rare Pokemon easier and fill out your Pokedex.

How to Catch Rare Pokemon using Incense

The data collected from various Reddit users bear some interesting facts when using Incense. Using a set of over 100 captures, they’ve proven that this Incense trick helps you catch rare Pokemon more easily. This is especially good news for people who live in rural areas, and don’t have a plethora of Pokestops or gyms around them.

In order to use this Incense trick, you will need to find a location that doesn’t show anything on your map view. Try looking in a wild field or area that is isolated, and as always make sure to play Pokemon Go safely. It’s best to travel with a friend if you intend to head to a remote area.

When your map view does not show any gyms, Pokestops or even roads; activate your Incense. Ideally this area should not spawn any Pokemon at all, so try to pick an extremely remote area. Walk around and you’ll begin to notice that uncommon and even rare Pokemon will reveal themselves.

Head over to the subreddit in the link above, or watch this video from IbexPVP above to check out the Incense trick. It should help you catch rare Pokemon at a much higher rate, as shown in the data set at The Silph Road.