He comes out in the night. He is the monster of your greatest nightmares. When you aren’t looking, he is looking at you, waiting for the right moment to come in and snatch you up. He is…Slenderman. Speaking of Slenderman, he is back in a pretty interesting title called Slender. Developed by Parsec Productions, Slender is still in the beta stages, but that sure doesn’t stop it from scaring the crap out of you. During the game, the point is to collect 8 creepy notes about The Slender Man, all the while trying not to lose yourself in the woods where he lurks. While it is seemingly a very simple, boring title, this is not the case. Lets take a look at exactly what Slender has to offer.

As you start, the point of the game becomes pretty obvious. You have to wander around the dark, scary forest, and collect multiple notes that will tell you more about The Slender Man. The first thing I noticed was the atmosphere. I don’t know if I was just a sissy while I was playing, but I found myself looking behind me a lot, thinking that I heard things. Twigs were breaking, footsteps rang through the forest, and I thought Slenderman was going to come out of nowhere and make me his play toy. I mean, if you think about it, there really isn’t any surprise. Slender does a good job of really putting you in the place of a kid wandering around in a forest. It’s desolate, and you really feel like you are alone. I would walk into bathrooms, and continuously check around corners, expecting Slenderman. I really wanted to keep playing, but at the same time I wanted to turn off the game and hide under the comforters on my bed. Maybe it wasn’t that scary, but it definitely had a certain eerie quality to it.

After I got the first note, things really started to pick up. Slenderman started appearing much more often, and it made it even worse that I couldn’t run away. I just had to turn my back, and walk away at a slow pace. I figured I would turn around, and Slenderman would be looking at my face, and he would screech “Oh hey, what’s up man?”. While it does add to the helplessness that Slender creates, it gets quite annoying after a while. After about 3 notes, I ended up just running after Slenderman. I wanted to give him a hug. Unfortunately, the game would not accept that, and he killed me.

Overall, Slender was a very interesting title. While the concept and gameplay was very simple, it reminded me of Amnesia: The Dark Decent (in concept along). You feel helpless while you play, even if the only thing you have to deal with is a non-moving man who really isn’t as tall as I thought he would be. While everything is really low-grade (it is a beta, so it’s kind of understandable), it’s definitely one of those games that you should give a chance. It’s a quick title, but it managed to personify one of my biggest fears, which is wandering around the woods at night. Regardless of whether you play Slender for 10 minutes, or decide to finish the entire game, I suggest giving Slender a try. It will definitely be worth your while.

The download links for Slender seem to be down at the time this article was written, and the alternative link is generating too much traffic, so downloading Slender is difficult at this time. As soon as a working link becomes available, you can find it here.