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Do you love facing real opponents while playing mobile games? Are you fond of enjoying real-time battles with your friends and family members? If the answer is big YES, there is no other better game than Battle Bay. The mobile game is exceptional one as it will allow you to carry a perfect multiplayer battle arena and that too in your own pocket. In the game, you will select a ship, add some guns and other weapons on it. Along with your teammates, take the ship to the tides and face real-time live opponents and beat them out with strategy and attack. While playing the game, you are required to gain in-game currencies like gold, sugar, and pearl to make quick process. There are certain ways to achieve these resources in good numbers and the ideal one is

While playing the game, you are required to gain in-game currencies like gold, sugar, and pearl to make quick process. There are certain ways to achieve these resources in good numbers and the ideal one is Battle Bay hack. The online generator mentioned here is simply best in the business when it comes to generating unlimited gold and pearls in quick time. Yes, you are not required to spend a dime to use the online generator.


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Battle Bay hack features

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Battle Bay: The Good and the Bad

We all know how Angry Birds took us all by storm. It was Rovio’s Angry Birds that made people think how great mobile games are. Before Angry Birds, phones were just… phones. Sure, they were “smart” and they boast of the best screen displays and the fastest CPUs, but back then, there weren’t too many great games that will keep you playing on and on, wasting hours and hours trying to hit a green colored pig on the other side of the screen.

Rovio indeed made history when they did Angry Birds, they pioneered the smartphone gaming industry and now, the flagship of Rovio seems to be changing. In today’s gaming industry, there are three trends that are making some noise: photorealism, open worlds, and team-based multiplayer. Rovio’s newest flagship is now a team based multiplayer game: five players in a team against five players on the other team.

Team based multiplayer

Team based multiplayer games have always been fun for me, it gives more depth to the gameplay than just the usual pray and spray or the eternity long strategy games you’ll encounter on the Apple Store or Play Store. These kind of games also bring in a lot of possibilities on the table since you’re not the only one doing things. It also brings back the fun I had when I played couch Co-Ops on consoles back in the 90’s. Talking to your teammates, strategizing together and executing those strategies together bring much enjoyment.

And what has Rovio cooked up to replace Angry Birds? Enter Battle Bay, Rovio’s newest game for iOS and Android users that employs the team based multiplayer mixture. This game is Rovio’s reply to the PvP gameplay many players look for.

In judging Battle Bay, we will grade it using six factors: the Fun Factor, Control and Gameplay, Graphics and Sounds, and Replay Value and the need for a Battle Bay hack. I have stacked up about 25 hours of gameplay into the game and here is what I think about it.

A really fun game

Playing Battle Bay reminds me a lot of World of Warships and by a lot, I really mean a lot. It is not fast paced as you take your time in getting into position, aiming, and firing your shots. The game is set in a somewhat post-apocalyptic setting where global warming has taken its toll, sea levels have risen, and people have to fight using cartoonish boats.

For the time I have invested in the game so far, I haven’t felt any sort of triteness to it. It is not your simple shoot ‘em game where you enter a match with heightened reflexes and shoot at the first person or thing that sports a red name bar on top. You will need to take time to strategize with your team on how to destroy the other team.

The slow-paced action, together with the team based genre gives the game a great depth to it. You don’t just enter a game, win and then enter another feeling that it is a rinse and repeat procedure. When playing Battle Bay I was really looking forward to what would happen next. The different boats, crews, and other customizable things in the game creates a wide array of possibilities much like what you would feel when playing Massive Online Multiplayer Arenas and running more than 25 hours on it hasn’t given me the feeling of a rinse and repeat game. But some may get that feeling because of the grinding for pearls, sugar, and gold. For those who feel that way, the best thing to do is to simply use the Battle Bay cheats.

The water can change the tide of battle

Battle Bay also sets itself apart from most naval warfare games. In the game, the sea isn’t just for aesthetics. All that water isn’t there because it is a naval game. The sea actually plays a key role in the game. It also has waves! For once, a game makes use of the sea for what it truly is. The waves rise and fall so well you get the feeling they are real (and you experience nausea too).

The waves can be your friend or foe. Waves can throw your aim off target and they can also absorb shells. If you are lucky enough, the shells your enemy fired can get off target because of a rising or falling wave, and some of the shells that will land on you will get eaten up by the rising wave in front of you. When it comes to this, not even the Battle Bay hack apk can influence the gameplay. All that it can do is change the amount of resources you have.

For me, other than the fantastic team play mechanics and the systematic progression system and customization, the waves are the true game breakers here. The waves add lots of enjoyment to the game. Because of the waves, every shot that hits your enemy feels so rewarding.

The game is still young, and Rovio can improve it, but as it is, the game is highly enjoyable.


The game is officially available on only two platforms, Android and iOS, so that means all touch screen and no tactile controls. However, if you want physical controls, controls that you can actually feel, you can buy Bluetooth gamepads that connect to your phone or tablet. I bought one of those Bluetooth controllers because touchscreen controls can be a bit sluggish, especially for Android users who have budget models. Having controls also gives more power and accuracy, especially in the game where you need nerves of steel to aim accurately because your target is moving, you are moving, and because of the wave mechanics.

When playing Battle Bay, you use both thumbs for controls with the left thumb being used for piloting your warship and the right thumb for aiming and firing. When shooting, you need to take into account the waves because they can throw you off target and can also absorb your salvos.

Each team consists of five members and the winning goal would either be capturing a base or destroying all the ships of the enemies. The game has a ranking and guild system common to many multiplayer games. To ensure your victory, you need a combination of both skills and proper upgrades. The later can be achieved by using the Battle Bay cheats. But for the skills, that requires experience.

Training and upgrade system

Unlike other team-based multiplayers, you don’t earn XP after each game because the progression system doesn’t use XP as a resource. You upgrade your crew by training, and training can take hours to complete, so it is advised that you train your items only when you are logged off. You can upgrade your items and ships in three various categories: Damage Output, Survivability, Increased Rewards or Specialize a particular weapon.

Overall, the weapon and upgrade system is good, but for a game on this platform, the progression system isn’t streamlined well enough. I have played this game for hundreds of hours and I still find the progression system a bit convoluted. But that changes pretty fast when you use the Battle Bay hack, as you won’t have to worry about the amount of currency you own.

Graphics and sound

With Battle Bay, you can feel Rovio’s impressive artistic style. The game’s art style is comparable to that of Overwatch. Well, almost everything these days are either photorealistic or cartoony. I like the art design of the game. The ships are well designed, as well as the crew.

One key area that turns me off is the choice of colors. Sure, the artwork is fine and all, but the colors don’t match well. It is all a swirl of bright yellows and dark hues. I think the colors aren’t in unity. Some are too bright; others too dark. The color palette just screams generic to me. I think future UI designs can make it better. Other than that, the art design is good, but you don’t get addicted to this game because of the graphics, right? After all, it is a mobile game.

The sounds are great; nothing more can be said about it. Even with the slow paced action, the sound in the game keeps your heart pumping hard.

Replay value

Battle Bay is a team based multiplayer game with a good progression system. Due to the multiplayer aspect and the skill and progress in the game, I don’t think you’ll be “Finishing” this game anytime soon. It offers a wide selection of strategies with many variations. With it, you can expect to