There are a lot of questions surrounding Pokemon GO, the highly anticipated mobile game that has caught the attention of the whole world. Fans have wondered about the game’s battle system and how travelling will affect play time , but all those questions pale in comparison to this one: How much data usage will the game use?

A fan on wondered how much data he would need to play Pokemon GO and if 2GB would be enough. After all, data roaming can be very expensive, so fans have to consider how long they will have to play the game on a daily basis, which can be irritating.

Having 2GB of data might be enough for the upcoming mobile Pokemon Go. According to a forum in , developer Niantic’s other game, Ingress, takes about 750mb of data at most and only 250mb if the user only plays occasionally. Pokemon GO uses several features and mechanics from Ingress, so players can expect the amount of data usage to be the same. This is great news for mobile players because they won’t have to subscribe to new data plans in order to play the game.

While not having to worry about the data Ingress needs is great, Pokemon GO still has its fair share of problems. Reports from the beta states that it drains the battery of a smartphone fairly quickly, which could become a problem for extended play sessions. Thankfully, the developers are aware of the problem and are actually updating the game regularly, so that it doesn’t consume so much battery.

Still, it’s one less thing to worry about, though fans have to keep in mind that the game is only in its beta phase. Some things will be subject to change before the game is ready for a worldwide release, so some issues might be fixed, though others will need to get updated upon launch. Hopefully, the amount of data needed for Ingress stays the same.