The video game industry is an enormous, global, multi-billion dollar industry. So whenever a company prepare to release a new game or console they know that they have potential access to billions of dollars. Because of this it is important that promotional events and marketing campaigns are well run.

Throughout the history of gaming consoles promotional events have always been important.There is a lot involved in the process. The designer, processors and company heads all need to be present. There will be intense scrutiny on all aspects of the product so it’s important to make a good first impression.

Much like promotional events for movies there will most likely be interviews and press in attendance. It is vital that the event goes without a hitch, and the product is warmly embraced. A lot of the time companies will rent out conference centers or hotels to host the events. This makes it easier for those in attendance to enjoy the event and provides access to luxuries and amenities.

So why are promotional events so important for gaming companies? Don’t they just release an advert and then everyone goes crazy and buys it? Well, no. There are several reasons why promotional events like these are vital for gaming companies.


Of course, the principal reason, to have any promotional event, is to give yourself and your product exposure. The gaming industry is no different to this. Even the likes of Sony and Nintendo need to market their new products. Yes, they may well sell off the name alone. But if they want to have an enduring legacy and enjoy years of success then marketing is the key.

Marketing is the key to all business. And in an industry such as the video game industry that is always changing it is even more important. You need to show existing and potential clients that you have adapted to the times. That your product is better than all the competitors around.

Interact With Media

Another important element of promotional events is the chance to interact with the media and press. The media is the best marketing tool around, so it is important to impress media representatives in attendance.

Many organisations will also give out free promotional gifts as part of their event. This is to encourage the promotion of the product. It may also help placate attending journalists or critics. For example, at a Microsoft promotional event you might find Osiris shoes handed out as gifts to those in attendance.

Focus Groups

Another vital part of the promotional process is that it allows for focus groups. Feedback from gamers and others interested in the industry is vital. It shows the companies what people like about the product and what they don’t.

It gives them knowledge of what to address in the future or anything they may need to change before the release of the product. It can also help to uncover any faults or issues in the product before it goes on general sale.

This allows the companies a chance to change or recall the product before it hits shelves and make the changes. In the long run, this saves money and reputation.